it would be great to have ...

Creation of a PDF report containing all Project data.

Creation of a PDF report containing in one section the executive summary of the Project, and then in another section all the details of the Project.

Thus, in a team meeting, or even a customer visit, this material may be presented and / or delivered.

On the report, for example, in the executive summary contain:
- Dashboard with the main graphics of project performance.
- The Summary of activities, as presented when we access the project.

And in the detailed section of the project, bring:
- Identification of the Project, with the name and description thereof.
- Team Identification
- And the listing of all activities, with all the data, such as Task List Name, the tasks themselves with Details (Creation, Signed for, Priority, Progress, etc ...) Task text, Attachments, Comments, etc ... This is for all activities.

Of course, it can be complemented by presenting the other information contained in the calendar and in the discussions, but this can be for a V2.

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  • June Wilson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great idea, Rafael! Any deliverable we can give a client is always a plus. So this got a vote from me! I would even love a Dashboard we can configure for clients to login and view.

    June Wilson

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