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    We have two use cases here.

    1. Making is super easy to work with clients. Clients can see only Discussion and Tasks which specifically marked as visible to them. Rest is not visible to them

    2. Allowing true privacy – concept described by Caroline. Once this mode is enabled users can create private tasks and decide who they want to share it with.

    @Caroline – I assume project and project group administrators should be able to see private tasks. Right?


    Probably we should move Private Tasks and Private Discussions into a separate add-on which is not available by default.

    We have requests for private tasks and we have requests for disabling privacy – when a teacher in a school does not want students to create private tasks at all.

    I assume functionality similar to Private Discussions we already have in Freedcamp is what you are after.


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    Frank commented  · 

    I am working on a project to outfit vehicles. I have a team within my organization that has special responsibilities and I want them to contribute to their portion and all other portions.....but I have a vendor outside my organization that I want them to be able to sign onto Freedcamp and see this project, but I only want them to see their tasks. I don't want them to see all the other tasks or read discussion posts or comments.....just be able to participate in their assigned section and tasks. I would think this functionality would be VERY helpful to a lot of people.