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    Jarrod Braun commented  · 


    Agreed. That solution would work, though I think it would be helpful to be able to choose to link to a previously uploaded (or previously linked) file. For example, if there are 300 files in my google drive it is somewhat cumbersome to go through all of those each time I want to link to a particular file. But if I could look through a list of only files that have been uploaded or linked to in the freedcamp project, I am immediately only searching through files relevant to the project and not having to sort through hundreds of other files from other projects or personal files.

    To be clear, I would like the functionality to work like this:

    1. Post several comment (or tasks or other items that allows file uploading/linking) and link or upload a particular file for the first time to each comment/task/etc. A different file is upload/linked to each comment/task/etc.

    2. Post other file-compatible item and choose to see a list of files associated with the current project (the files in step 1) to link to, without creating another instance of the file in the Files app.

    Really, I just don't want the Files app to be cluttered with so many redundant files. Other than linking to files already in the Files app I'm not sure from a programming perspective how Freedcamp would be able to decide if a file had already been uploaded and not create a duplicate in the Files app. Perhaps same file name ask for new version number?

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    Jarrod Braun commented  · 

    Almost forgot: I would like for the google drive module to have these same features, as uploading from google drive presents the same issues as what I originally described when uploading files locally.

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