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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Hi Feedback squad; no this isn't what I meant.

    You would essentially define your own values for a picklist of progress stages; e.g/:

    Default (at present) for any task is:
    1.Not Started
    2. In Progress
    3. Completed

    But I could instead define stages as:

    1. Backlog
    2. Analysis started
    3. Analysis complete
    4. Development started
    5. Development complete
    6. Testing started
    7. Testing complete
    8. Deployment Ready
    9. Deployed

    So my apologies maybe not max 7; but hopefully you get my drift....

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    Anonymous commented  · 


    Every business has different language for stages of dev/non-dev project stages.

    The best possible solution would be allowing a custom set of statuses to be defined (up to say max 7); then allowing users to move tasks/items through thier kanban dependent on the order of their custom statuses.

    This would allow any business to use freedcamp without having to translate other existing processes/procedures - huge stepforward in the platform's key functionality.

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